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About us

Metsäkonepalvelu Oy is a Nordic forestry contracting company. Our main business is to provide timber harvesting services for our client companys. Metsäkonepalvelu Oy is founded in 1970. Company headquarter is in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Currently we have operations in Finland and Sweden. We provide our services with a fleet over 80 forest machines (harvesters, forwarders, excavators). We have more then 110 employees who all are trained professionals.


We offer large scale of timber harvesting and other forestry services:

- thinnings

- clearfell

- energywood harvesting

- preparation (for planting)

- site managing

- supply chain management

For more info, please contact us:

Metsäkonepalvelu Oy


Address: Konepajantie 12, 13300 Hameenlinna, Finland